Voice lessons benefit everyone because they teach you how to most efficiently and naturally use the many components of your instrument in order to produce the very best sound.

Here are several clients very kindly sharing their experiences.

The best way to contact us for lessons is by calling 212.865.3066.

Each lesson is 1 hour long, and you’ll want to bring a recording device with you. (Mobile phone, cassette tape, etc.)

You can work on your own material at the lesson, and you can bring a friend if you’d like.

During the lesson, we focus on acquainting you with the functioning of your instrument, its anatomy, and how to gain control of it.

Since this is a natural school of singing, there is usually improvement very soon and continuous with practice. However, the length of time until you experience improvement will vary; everyone is a law unto themselves!

You’ll pay at each lesson, though some pay for a month in advance. We accept cash or check, and we don’t offer package specials or student discounts; everyone is equal here.

Finally, we’ll give you directions once you’ve made your first appointment. We’re in the Upper West Side of NYC, accessible by subway, bus, taxi, car, and foot!